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Shirt Ninja Comic Fan Community

A fandom for Shirt Ninja Comics. Join or Spell!

Shirt Ninja Comics Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated

Shirt Ninja Comics Fan Community

This community was created for those that love the comic Shirt Ninja created by grudthak. This is a place where fans can come together and chat about comic episodes, post any graphics or icons they created, as well as keep up with the latest updates on the site.

~Lenthy posts, spoilers, and graphic intensive posts will be behind an LJ cut.

~All members must use proper use of the English language - no text speak or abbreviations "Lyk omgz i jst sn dat guy l8r". Though the occasional OMG is permitted, not all of your sentences must be in the same way as previously shown.

~All members must respect each other. If there are any racist remarks, derogratory comments, cat-fights or similar the maintainers will not hesitate in removing you from the community.

~Make sure you Friend this community after you join it. That way you can keep up on all the latest posts.

Moderators: airforcegrrl & grudthak

alice, artemis, bingo fontaine, bob, damien, jethro, macca, missi, mistress kyra, mr. jenkins, mrs. jenkins, r.j. fletcher, sephinroth, shirt ninja, syd the pyro, t.j. franklin, tank, the recurring victim, the voivode, zac